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Social Finance, Inc. (commonly known as SoFi) is an American online personal finance company that provides student loan refinancing, mortgages, personal loans, investing and banking.

A former employee said this in a review “Social Finance employees should be more important than the kitchen snacks. It is a shame that upper management placed more time and attention on the snacks, than their employees being upset about all the changes that they did not sign up for."


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Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"We appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us. We recognize saying goodbye to colleagues is never easy. We genuinely care about each and every one of our team members — both past and present — and we're sorry to hear that wasn't reflected in your experience at SoFi. However, we can assure you that the number of impacted employees you cite in your review is quite inflated. If you have additional details you'd like to share, we encourage you to reach out to so we can improve for the future."

Former Employee - Marketing Team Member says

"We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with us. We're proud of the leadership team we've built over the past two years since Anthony Noto joined as CEO and are more committed to SoFi's culture than ever. Diversity and Inclusion remains a top priority for us, and we look forward to the positive changes to come with our recent hiring of an experienced leader in that arena."

Former Employee - Director says

"Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We'd like to know more about your experience at SoFi. If you feel comfortable, we encourage you to reach out to so we can better understand and address your feedback for our employees."

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"SoFi will talk about culture and values. I drank the kool aid while there. However, it is far from the truth. They are all talk and will place the corporate dollar over people . Very sad to see this company throw talent away during a rough time.NoneFake Values"

MSR (Former Employee) says

"While the benefits are great, be prepared for constant change. The company has a lot of ideas that would be great, if they worked. Because of so many ideas, we endure a huge work load from customers calling in complaining about the online changes (which we mostly get blindsided by as well) and being forced to deescalate. Managers are lazy and have no formal training. Applications take forever to complete based on the incompetence of the review team. Most of this causes major issues and is notably to biggest reason (besides tech issues) that borrowers call in about. Issues get passed to the next person without getting a resolve. Bringing up issues within the company will get you on their imaginary bad list and you’ll be accused of bringing down the moral. I tried so many times to bring up suggestions or bring problems to managements attention but they are more focused on keeping their own job and don’t want to get on this list to block their opportunities of moving up. We are graded on metrics and mostly won’t bonus due to being scored on the borrowers satisfaction with the company. We are forced to come up with our own explanations for application denials and many more things. We are graded in these explanations and answers as to make sure the company doesn’t look bad. This is all based on their own personal discretion separate from surveys we receive from the borrowers. Ex: I’ve had someone tell me, I should have talked in a higher pitch to regulate the borrowers tone. Each manager will give you a different answer to one question. No lie, we’ve all tried it. And"

Relationship Management Consultant (Former Employee) says

"I started at this company and from day one they lied about what was going to be offered to us and what our job was going to be like. Every time we turned around our job description would change. Reaching out to other employees was frowned upon and you would be written up for it. Not a family friendly company at all, it was their schedule first and whatever you had planned with family did not matter."

Call Center Representative/ Financial Advisor (Former Employee) says

"The call center on Watt Avenue in North Highlands is horrible they were Mouse running through the call center sitting on chairs while your on phone with a customer and they continue to be quiet and maintain your composure that is the reason why I left it's one of the most ghetto places I've ever worked in my life and you could not double my salary to get me to go back.NoeEverything is bad"

operador de produccion (Former Employee) says

"Pues como todo hay que ir preparada con la mente en zero y la actitud de ir a ejercer una responsabilidad y con todo lo que implica :trabajo bajo presion rapidez ambientarte al humor de tus colegas y jefes y hacer todo lo posible por realizar las cosas al 100 % y superarte para avanzar y no quedarte estancada en lo mismo..imss"

Consumer Loan Reviewer (Former Employee) says

"It's all about the numbers and the auditing system is horrible. Almost everyone in my original group ended up quitting or was fired. I would not recommend the job to anyone with any sense of having the job long term. The only people that ended up staying were the ones who had friends in high places.Free foodManagement, training, sharing desks"

Consumer Loan Reviewer (Current Employee) says

"Management is a joke, they don't talk to you. Everything is awful, no real training, expect you to switch your jobs around whenever they please with no warning.Lunch CardEverything else"

Loan Reviewer (Former Employee) says

"This is the worst company I have ever worked for. If you are not popular with the management you do not get to advance. You also cannot bonus even if your stats are good if you do not have an in with the management. Mid level and senior management are all about numbers and do not care about their actual employees. Only 3 sick days a year. They like to write you up for every little thing.NoneEverything"

Consumer Loan Reviewer (Current Employee) says

"I haven't worked here very long, but they set their employees up for failure, and are "flip-floppers" on everything they communicate. Nice benefits, but not worth working there.BenefitsEverything else"

RMC (Former Employee) says

"I left my previous job to work at SoFi because it was more convenient as far as location goes. Little did I know that once they "hire you" you're not really hired unless you can pass their 4 week training class with an 85% or higher. I received an 81% and got fired when I'm pretty much over qualified for this position anyway. I've been in customer service for 18 years and they let me go over an 81% quality score. This is the only call center I know that grades your calls with expectations of you knowing everything about the company within 2 weeks of training. The quality assurance team who grades the calls aren't even in the same state so it's not like you can dispute anything.Free Lunches, Free Snacks, Free health benefitsEverything else"

Reviewer (Former Employee) says

"Terrible. No regard for employee morale. They talk a big game about how they have the best culture in the world but its all talk. Schedules are god awful. No transparency in hiring process. They will hire you to do one thing and then say nevermind now youre a customer service rep based on business need. Dont work here in operationsBenefitsSchedule, no regardfor employee happiness"

Loan Processor (Current Employee) says

"This company sells you on the culture and you initially feel excited to be apart of something but they are like used car salesmen and you end up getting stuck with a lemon for a job. Instead of helping you succeed, the put you down. Management is very poor. They don’t help employees. It’s sink or swim. They embarrass you in front of your team if u leave to take a bathroom break or are struggling from work."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Be careful of the HEAVY corporate politics here!!! Favoritism! And sneaky co workers/Mgrs! There tends to be a trend with co workers doing things with Managers they have no business doing. Like I said, BE CAREFUL!!!!!!Good PayHEAVY corporate politics"

Associate Manager (Former Employee) says

"Don't. It sounds great-- Benefits, Compensation, Food Card... but you will hate your life if you work there! Upper management does NOT care about their people, and seek out reasons to fire people for nothing. They are the WORST. Training is a joke, no one knows anything and RMCs are left to hold the accountability. Quality team is against the RMCs and make ridiculous judgments! The decisions made for bonus, OT, Contests and Rewards are not made with "do the right thing" in mind. TOXIC CULTURE. Managers are told "unlimited PTO" but really- there is none. If you don't accrue it: they don't have to give you ANY. It is frowned upon if asked for it and working a ton of extra hours is expected. You will work all the Holidays, your days off- and no additional time is given in lieu.BenefitsCulture, Upper Management... Basically everything else."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I was contracted so everything I was told through the temporary agency did not apply to the actual work environment. Poor training, poor expectations, but great team moral and the team sups are mostly amazing!"

Relationship management consultant (Current Employee) says

"They lure you in with free food and benefits but do a poor job of teaching you what job they hire you for and then treat you like a second class citizen when you ask a question to clarify your benefits and lunchextremely poor management"

N/A (Former Employee) says

"This company is on a great path but lacks strong leaders. If you do not join the selective club in the office you will likely not be promoted. There is no professionalism in this call center and there is too much favoritism which hinders other's growth. Huge disappointment working for an office that is not honest with their own employees. Strong qualified applicants should be considered for new positions, not your buddies!BenefitsManagement, Promotions, Culture"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The company is still young and change comes quick and fast. There's a lot of blame game and no accountability for management. Always look out for yourself because the company doesn't actually care about anything but their bottom care paid for, lunch card, onsite gym, tuition reimbursementno accountability, no direction, no promotional mobility, no standard pay raises, adherence is king"

Assistant Comptable (Former Employee) says

"SOFIDE , une micro finance qui a l'avenir au Congo , mais la seule chose que je condamne labas c'est le traitement du personnel ."

Member Services Representative (Former Employee) says

"Managers are ridiculous and sell outsThe job role is 7 different positions compiled into 1 with no pay increaseBonuses are bullAdherence is crazy strict hope your not a diabetic who has to use the bathroom often you will be penalizedThis place needs to invest in to it's not humansThe members are angry because they are mislead from the startRates are not better and you need amazing credit with a 6 figure income to be approved try telling drs or entrepreneurs their denied GOOD LUCK Just stay where your at they sucked me in with free healthcare yet my health deteriorated quickly from stress and overwhelming work.Free lunch and free healthcareEverything else"

Katie S says

"I have been a SOFI customer for years and had always received great service when refinancing my law school loans and using their investment platform. That all came to a screeching halt when I went to get a mortgage. I went through the application process providing all of the documentation needed to approve my loan. I have nearly perfect credit, a high salary career, and plenty of money saved for a down payment so the process was super first. Once I decided to put an offer in on a house, I was forced to interact with Alice Tirrell who was my assigned loan officer. She repeatedly issued preapproval information and discussed my home purchase without ever mentioning that fact that a) apparently she had never actually moved my application forward for underwriting; b) because she had failed to do her job, SOFI would need additional time to underwrite the loan and appraise the house. Once I finally was under contract on my home and reached out to finish the process, she straight up told me that she couldn't help and I should go elsewhere. Apparently there was not enough time between my contract and closing dates since she had dropped the ball earlier and not processed everything that needed processed. I, understandably, was irritated because I had already provided all of my documentation and had been working with SOFI for months with ZERO mention of any of these issues. She refused to let me speak with her supervisor, continued to deny my requests to process the loan, and kept simply telling me to go elsewhere. Luckily, I had the credit and financial resources to easily find another mortgage company who was happy to have my business, but I am still appalled at the level of incompetence and poor customer service from Alice Tirrell. She is easily the worst service provider I have ever worked with (and I have had Comcast cable for years)! SOFI, if I were you, I would fire Ms. Tirrell and spend some resources trying to find loan officers who are competent at basic tasks and can conduct themselves in a minimally professional way."

Hamad Ahmed says

"I refinanced my student loan due to a promotion of $450 dollars. The application was complete and I was approved. I called a month afterwards and was told that there was no such offer even though I confirmed on the first call about the promotion. I woul expect a company of this stature to have dignity and honor their words but they didn't. Im livid !"

Happy Customer !! says

"This company is a joke and is ridiculous to deal with. All smoke and mirrors. They had a few questions for my wife during the joint application process. They made ONE call which she could not take due to being in meetings. After calling back 4 days in a row asking the "reviewers" to return her call so she could answer their inquiry, they decline the loan due to "can't verify the identity". Hey dummies, how about returning the call so we can explain we had a credit freeze on one applicant which could easily have been resolved.
What happened to e mail, morons? Can't a simple e mail be used in this day of super communication?
To find the "adverse action letter" you have to sign in to your account daily to check for approval /denial. No communication on any decision.
We wanted a 50k loan and with an extremely high income could easily have paid it down quickly. Great credit but a few high balances on credit cards/loan.
In addition these dummies said we had high credit balances.. DUH !! That's why we wanted the loan to pay them off. These clowns lost a good chunk of interest opportunity but I couldn't be happier. We got a loan elsewhere. The CEO of this company must be asleep at the wheel."

MD says

"My story is the most strange and absurd…
My story is the most strange and absurd you would never hear in your lifetime: 823 credit score, 15 ys., 800 only on my 9 credit card account. Great credit history, never missed a payment, permanent tenured teaching job with Gov. agency (11 years on the job so far), perfect everything, around 100k income but despite all of this my 35K personal loan was declined from Prosper and Discover at the same time whereas they both called me before to tell me that I was approved. After hurting my credit through reporting "hard inquiry" that I knew about right away through my Credit Karma subscription, they told me the next day that I was declined for "not being able to verify my identity". More than 3 frustrating hours was with Sofi, Discover and Prosper did not help because they keep repeating what they see on their computer according to them. Bottom line, there is no a valid reason for the rejection. The only interpretation I have is that because my home phone is an internet one through Vonage and it seems their system does not recognize it but it still does not make any sense because they have my 2 cellphone numbers. So why? Racism is is the only answer. They all say the same exact non-sense no matter what you say to prove that you are honest and willing to provide anything to prove it. Discover was able to send me a code and recognize the phone but the next day another employee wanted to try my cellphone but his "COMPTER SYTEM IS NOT ACCEPTING IT". I immigrated here more than years ago and I never saw or heard something like that. Either racism or ignorance/hate of the other is growing so fast and which is becoming scary or the economy is so bad that these banks are broke and they keeping the few money left to their acquaintances. I can prove every word of what I said here anytime to anybody!!! Prosper let even like my saving account before changing their mind. They even suspended my account for 3 months on their company that they asked to open to apply for the loan. So, no my saving account is STILL linked and they did not give me any notice to check that it was cancelled at least. That means "power abuse" like in dictators countries", you have to trust them with your life savings but they can turn you down for any non-reason. Best of all, I have a Discover card since 2004 and had yesterday 10K700 credit line with zero interest for one year. Saying that to the employee did not help either. I have 8 other credit cards with an open credit line totaling 57000 that I am not using but only eight hundred dollar ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????? Sofi did it to me twice but they were smarter not to count it as a hard inquiry at least. I made a complaint on line through Chat but their employee was playing the same game, wasting your time and making feel frustrated because they keep repeating the same non-sense thing they were told to say as an excuse. By the way, when they send the decline notice, they even dare to tell you that "This should be in the we were not able to verify your identify or/and your other credit accounts. If I were working on TV, I will tell these stories as real life raw experiences. This should be in Guinness world book That means all they are all ONE company playing the game and using us as Americans for their own greedy and immoral gains. Sorry for not having a Mike as a first name My background got a better job than yours which should make you also jealous and maybe it did. It is ironic that I teach my students not to be racist whereas it has been growing these days faster than the crypto-currencies. By the way, they do not deserve even that one star but the website system does not live you the option to put 0 star or -5... I told Sofi employee on the online chat " How come you have been sending me this loan offer by regular mail for more than 100 times and now you say what you say?". I got some nice words of encouragement like "I understand how you feel, I am trying to help you, my computer system is telling me this but I do not know why". My spouse were so mad that she took the phone with Discover and started to tell them how great they were, you know what I mean? She told them that your companies should hire robots instead of paying you for repeating yourself like a robot. They have a very "racist" provoking way of repeating the same thing over and over again, but unfortunately for them, this cannot work with two teachers like us who could them English lessons as we have Ph.D.'s in languages. Even saying this does not help. I have lived half of my life in two other countries in my life, one is a dictatorship and the other is a democracy, but I never saw or heard anything like it I am very patient person but this is off all charts Dr. M. D"

Eric Kirsch says

"Buyer beware!

If you make more than
3 trades in 5 days they will lock your account and you can't get out of the trade for 6 months.You can lose your butt.
Bad, Bad Bad"

Aisha Navedo says

"F*** this place. You make it literally impossible to be approved. Even with a co-signer that has no obligations and no debts and makes 60k annually. Even after I explained I’ve come to a settlement agreement with my student loan company. So the full amount they see isn’t what I’m actually having to pay back.

They are not willing to work with you and honestly wasted time that I don’t have on this. There was no point in filling out the information for my co-signer if it was going to be denied based off of me alone and the loans at hand. Why the f*** did I add all the info for?!!

On top of that there stupid checked box answers don’t tell you WHY your denied. I called three times each time was a different answer and none still knew the issue or said they didn’t have access to that information. I was told to call Experian for all of that, so I did.

The guy flat out said, we don’t have that you’ll have to speak with them about it by law they have to tell you. He was no help at all. I kept getting this back and forth BS. So f*** this company."

Goodnight Gorilla says

"Agreed on refi at end of June and locked rate for sixty days.
At the end of the sixty days loan was NOT CLOSED or even close to escrow.
SoFi sends email "at no cost to you we have extended your rate lock"
Problem is that since June rates have dropped at LEAST another quarter point.
Asked loan officer if they could do better. Answer: NO
Decided to get loan elsewhere and rapidly got to escrow with a lower rate than SoFi. Meanwhile I closed my SoFi account.
This morning I get an email from SoFi: "Thank you for applying for a mortgage loan with SoFi Lending Corp. After further review of your application, we regret to inform you that your application was denied."

LOL. What incompetence. Will avoid in the future."

Rebecca says

"Sofi has major problems with their site, their ability to timely and efficiently resolve problems and; they will hold your money hostage for undue amounts of time.
Super, untrustworthy."

lt says

"Declined a loan based on bogus reasons. Went to Lightstream and approved within minutes. Sketchy company with a sketchy ex-ceo."

William says

"Typical online lender that promises so much but fails to deliver. Ads are populated by paid actors, not real customers. They probably use the same algorithm that the other guys use, cherry picking customers. Try a credit union or local bank first."

K says

"We have student loans and have had personal loans through SoFi with a great experience. Their Home loan division is the complete opposite experience. They are unreliable, provide misinformation, and hard to reach once assigned a loan officer. I even asked to speak to a manager and after 3 days never received a call back in a complaint of Brylan Madderra unwillingness to help in a timely manor. We LOST a house because of him because he would not alter a pre-qual letter with a new offer amount. We HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND SoFi for home loans and call out Brylan Madderra and his manager Chris for the bad experience."

D.W. says

"I'm an existing SoFi Customer, faithfully paying my Personal Loan payments for 2 1/2 years now. We decided to submit a mortgage refinance application. Let's just say, SoFi is the most inept and unprofessional lender in this aspect ever to enter this space. After 3 months of jerking our chain, we submitted a refi app with our current mortgage holder. They were able to complete the same refi in 3 weeks that these jokers couldn't manage in THREE MONTHS!! They lie, are unresponsive to calls and emails, ignore you, procrastinate and one department doesn't know what the next is doing. No wonder their review rating drops every single day. Glad we dodged that refi bullet, and will gladly be paying off my personal loan early to be rid of them once and for all. Do yourselves a favor and apply with any other company that will actually appreciate your business."

Stan says

"SOFI is awful. They try to string you along with proof of multiple documents and deceive you into thinking you will get a good rate. I followed all of their instructions, make a great salary, excellent credit and even provided a rate match with another vendor and they offered a rate that’s worse than my existing rate with them. Complete slap in the face. There are so many better loan vendors out there. If you are considering this loan vendor, please save yourself the heartache and time and look the other way."

Scott says

"THIS PERSON IS A SCAM DONT USE HIM!!!! and dont try to use this company!!! Ray Sykes ray.sykes at He will provide you a good rate and then tell you he cannot honor it after unresponsive to emails. This company is a lender scam and I'm notifying the BBB."

Albert . says

"Please heed warning. Also please read recent comments by others on various sites. SOFI does NOT care if you are in hardship due to Covid-19. Their only concern is to make more money. At first, they offered no help/forbearance at all, but buckled under pressure after “Federal” Student loans offered help while “Private” Student loans did not. So they changed their tune to "want to help" by allowing a 2 month Forbearance, however on the caveat that you would still be accruing interest every day and only get a break on 2 months principle on the back end (that tells you something right there). The SOFI reps (2 reps, 2 calls) were very clear that the interest would be paid be paid over the length of the loan. A 3rd rep also had that understanding. June 30th we find out - surprise! Interest payments to be up PAID front over the next 3 months to the tune of an add'l ~ $1400! And they raid the monthly payment on top of that! They flat out LIED to us. Be cautious. We have been with them for 5 years (2015), with 2 Loans(Parent & Student) that started at $120K. They have made a TON of interest ofs of us in those 5 years. We have seen the progression from a Company with Stanford founders, that seemed to really want to help (“Social Financing”) to another greedy large-scale Corporation, making more money off the backs of our youth and future of this Country. MOHELA is their cohort, we found that out as we struggled to fight for our rights with them. At the end, they & Mohela do not care to stand by their word, or help their borrowers in need during a worldwide PANDEMIC. They said they “may” consider that in the future, but for now sorry nothing we can do about it. Yes, that is true. Maybe thats how you pay for a new SOFI NFL Stadium in LA and for all those commercials on TV. Shame on them!"

Adam says

"They are great if you simply want to pay your loans and have straight forward options. If you need anything complicated, please do not use them. Also remember if you need to pay off your loan (and the mail is late), they will make sure to collect all interest on the loans if the payoff check is late. They will not backdate to the payoff date."

pw henderson says

"Huge process to remove your account from Sofi. It cannot be done online within your account. It's a little shifty. I'll update this review when a "Remove account and all data" option is available."

Jennifer Snyder says

"I have a student loan refi which was a very easy process when I got it. A couple years go by, I start getting notifications for a mortgage refi. We started the refi process in the beginning of March. First, they let the application expire and we lost our lock on 2.75%. We had to reapply so we did it again. Got a lock at 2.875%. Submitted all of our documents, did the appraisal in mid May. Had a closing date in the dashboard of June 28. As the date got closer I get no response to my questions about when, where, etc. Finally I speak to a supervisor on July 2 who apologized and said she would help get our stuff back on track. Got a call that night saying everything is in underwriting and we should have the clear to close so we could finish this week. It’s Wednesday and no response. We are so over this and don’t feel we should have to check in daily with a company to make sure they’re doing their job. All we want to do is close!!! Do yourself a favor and stay away."

Celestine douglas says

"This company is just filled with incompetent loan offices,after filling out the extra-paper work I was still not granted my desired loan,but after making research online and going with positive referrals about j-consult private financing,a private financing firm who after I got approved for my loan,I got funded in less than 30 minutes and offered a low interest rate....One of the best around simply call or text:1332333(9271)...for your quick loans"

Simon says

"The mortgage refinance process started out strong. But after I uploaded all the requested documents and paid an initial appraisal fee, I got complete radio silence. Both agents I'd been working with stopped responding to my emails and calls. After about a month of this, I found another refinance provider.

Eventually, the SoFi agent got back to me. I let them know that I'd switched to another provider, and asked whether they could offer a refund for the amount I'd already paid to SoFi. They said that they'd submit a request, and I'd hear back within a month. I'm not holding my breath, but I'll update this review if it comes through.

[EDIT] The refund came through. To give credit where credit is due: when SoFi eventually realized they'd made a mistake, they did everything reasonable to fix it. I revised my rating from 1 to 3."

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